Rogers Lions - We Serve

For more than 50 years, the Rogers Lions have worked to grow, serve, and empower our community. With every grant we give, every school team we support, every hardship we make lighter, our legacy and impact in the community grows.

The Rogers Lions Club mission is WE SERVE. Our club plans fun events like Rockin’ Rogers, holds weekly meat raffles, and hosts multiple pull tab locations, all so that we can bring the proceeds back to our community. Then, when an organization or resident needs us, we can be there to serve them.

The Lions can provide donations in the following areas:

– donations for residents who have fallen on tough times such as house fires, illness, and also for organizations that assist people under those circumstances, such as CROSS. Since August 2022, we have donated $9,386 in this category.

Lions Projects
– donations to organizations that the Lions support as a region, such as Can Do Canines, 5M5, Camp Courage, Eye Bank, Diabetes, Hearing Foundation, and others. Since August 2022, we have donated $21,000 in this category.

Local Municipality
– donations to help Rogers with projects such as fire department special equipment, police department special equipment, and building projects. A great example of this is the Rogers Event Center! Since August 2022, we have donated $5,000 in this category.

Rogers School and Sports Clubs
– donations to local school clubs to help them purchase equipment, scholarships, and special events. Since August 2022, we have donated $26,865 in this category.

Other Local Services examples
– donations for breast cancer research, childhood cancer, senior center activities, clinical testing equipment, books, Courage Center events, Cross, special fund raising events by other organizations. Since August 2022, we have donated $45,489 in this category.

To learn more or submit a donation request, please email


For more than 50 years, we’ve dedicated our energies to increasing the ability of Rogers Lions, helping them to empower the communities we serve. With every grant we give, our history grows, along with the impact of Lions. Today, we couldn’t be more proud of where we stand, or more excited about the future of our work.



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